June 6 Worship Service – 10:00am

Posted June 4, 2021

Manteno United Methodist Church Worship Service Sunday, June 6, 2021 10:00 A.M.

  • Gathering for Worship “Praise Awaits You”
  • Opening Prayer
  • Children’s Time
  • Scripture Lesson: Psalm 138, #853-854 Song of Celebration “One Pair of Hands”
  • Our Concerns and Joys
  • A Time of Silent Prayer/The Pastoral Prayer/
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Song of Worship “Defender”
  • The Offering
  • The Offertory Prayer
  • Scripture Lesson: Mark 4:1-20, pg. 709
  • Sermon: “Do Your Ears Hear?”
  • The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper “Give Thanks”
  • Confession and Pardon, #8
  • Announcements
  • Song of Worship “Trading My Sorrows”
  • The Benediction
  • Participants:
    • Pastor: Joy Schlesselman
    • Praise Band
    • Liturgist: Gordon Hamann
    • Child Care: Megan Pillbeam



Tuesday, June 8: Gift cards will be ordered, call the church office to place your order.
The Finance Team will meet at 6 p.m. in the church office.
Administrative Council will meet at 7 p.m. in the narthex.

Wednesday, June 2: Book Study at 4 p.m. on Zoom.
Men’s Bible Study at 5:30 p.m.
Outreach team will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the church.

Sunday, June 27: Confirmation Class informational meeting.

July 11-15: Join us for Vacation Bible School. Volunteers are needed.

Friday, July 30: Slammers Baseball game, sign up in the narthex to attend this game and fireworks.


Donation link for recurring donations: https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/MantenoUnitedMethodistChurch/general
Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! If you are new today, please register on our web site and we will make a $5. donation to a charity of your choice. The Church office is open Tues. & Thurs. mornings, 815-468-3722. You may contact Rev. Joy Schlesselman at 309-256-1316 or Email: jschlesselman17@gmail.com


The Manteno United Methodist Church
Is a community of believers, who, as disciples of Jesus Christ, will:
Reach up to know God through worship and study.
Reach in to develop our strengths to serve God in the community and the larger world.
And Reach out to others in Christian fellowship.